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WIP Wolf WR1 Tamiya 1/20. The very beginning Part 1

Kit / Model  

Wolf Ford F1



Item Code  





I decided to build The Tamiya Wolf F1 in 1/20 scale.
This kit is rather old, but I've always loved this car.
Seeing is age there is a lot of work to do if you want it on todays standart.
This will be a long WIP with many pictures.
Sorry for not speaking or writhing Spanish.
Excuse also my poor English.

That's it for now, as I have to leave.
Will probably made an Up this evening (my time)
Hope you enjoy the very beginning and the pictures.
I'm waiting for your comments, critics and/or questions

Thank you for looking.

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Formula one

Project status  

In progress

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Tamiya moulded the upper body in one piece
I cut the two rear parts covering the engine.I began sanding those parts down (one made now), as they are too thick
Here you have a pictures from the two parts. Left one is left how it is and the right one is thinned
This is the right side of the body
Tamiya forgot to make a hole in it to allow the
I made the hole using a 4mm drill. Then sanded it to have a perfect round hole
This is the body
I also cut the nose off
The underpan/chassis
Also cut the front part from the chassis
Here the body simply put together with the chassis temporarely. You also see the "bridge" Tamiya moulded between the rear body, where radiators are.

Comments for this showroom

by: borja martinez () on 2007-09-14 - 04:19

Don´t worry, Jamme:
I`m sure that more than one of us is following your WIP trought forum. Only problem is that amazingly I tried several times to register without result, so is not possible for me congratulate you for your work in the forum. Please, keep us informed of your updates.

by: borja martinez () on 2007-09-13 - 09:51

Great job. I thank a lot your effort to show us all steps you are doing for building your WIP. It is very interesting and I think we can learn a lot from your work.
I can´t wait to see more progress.

by: Fabio Bonilla (SCORPIONFB) on 2007-09-12 - 11:23

Hi Jamme. It looks very interesting. I like the updates that you are doing on it. Keep it up Jamme!.



by: Jean-Marie Tillen (Jamme) on 2007-09-12 - 09:46

Hello Jose,
Thank you for looking!
I'm not gona to "super" detail it, as well it depends super detailling.
I will use the photoetch set and the decals from Studio27, but will make a little bit of scratchbuilding by myself.
I hope you will enjoy the WIP.


by: Jose Antonio Solbes (jasolbes) on 2007-09-11 - 12:17

Are you planning on super detailing it (adding PE parts and so)? I've read that there are some sets in the market for this model.

Thanks for sharing.